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Child Custody Out of Court

The Best Interests of the Children

Child custody issues may arise between unmarried parents, divorcing parents, and divorced parents. Parenting (custody) schedules are always modifiable if the best interests of the children indicate it. The best interests of the children are always served when the parents address a change in circumstance that impacts the children by working together within a non-adversarial, humane process.

Non-Adversarial Child Custody Negotiation Options

Non-adversarial child custody negotiation options described in this website include: Mediation, Interdisciplinary Mediation, Cooperative Negotiation, and Collaborative Team Divorce. One process model may work better for one set of parents and another process model may work better for others. All of these process models facilitate a non-adversarial, out of court settlement. Even people who find it necessary to litigate every other aspect of their divorce may choose to commit themselves to resolving the child custody issues through one of these more humane processes, for the sake of the children.