Faith Jansen Law & Mediation

About the Attorney-Mediator

Faith Jansen, Attorney-Mediator, has practiced law in Contra Costa County since 1982. After her first five years of general practice, she decided to focus on family law because of her interest in helping people get through a life and legal crisis in a manner which enabled them to build a new life for themselves while also finding a way to positively transform the old relationships of their former life into new, constructive, and cooperative relationships. She began offering mediation services in 1991, a time when mediation was done by only a few practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area, because she felt that the traditional civil litigation system tended to escalate hostilities in cases that could be amicably settled by using a non-adversarial dispute resolution process. Since then she has continuously practiced mediation and taught mediation skills to other lawyers. The Contra Costa Bar Association Executive Director and Contra Costa County Bar Association Family Law Section President have presented her with awards for her work in promoting the practice of mediation in the Contra Costa County legal community.

Ms. Jansen’s educational, professional, and community service history may be viewed by reading the Professional Profile section of this website.

In additional to that history and experience, Ms. Jansen’s interests and hobbies include Spanish language study, traveling, reading, walking and exercising, and community volunteer work. Ms. Jansen currently volunteers at the Contra Costa County courthouse in family law clinics organized by the Family Law Facilitator’s Office and in East Bay food banks.