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Affordable, Amicable Divorce Mediation & Dispute Resolution
via Zoom Video-Conferencing

Faith Jansen

During this time of COVID-19 health concerns, Faith Jansen has converted her mediation and consultation meetings to Zoom conferences, telephone conferences, and email platforms. Personal contact is kept to an absolute minimum and if it occurs, is done wearing masks and using social distancing. Contact us to schedule a free half hour initial Mediation Orientation or case evaluation consultation via Zoom. Ms. Jansen will send out the Zoom invitation for all scheduled client meetings.

Faith Jansen, Attorney and Mediator, is dedicated to providing non-adversarial family law legal services that promote each client’s best interests, provide the most amicable possible dispute resolution process, and minimize legal fees. She is committed to helping each client pursue his or her goals and priorities while treating the other parties in the legal dispute respectfully, considerately, and fairly. With over 30 years of divorce and family law experience, Ms. Jansen has the skill to contain negative emotions, educate clients on the facts and issues, and redirect everyone’s energy toward creating mutually agreeable reasonable solutions, decisions, and settlements.

Ms. Jansen services include consultation, mediation - divorce/family law, interdisciplinary mediation, cooperative divorce, collaborative team divorce, non-adversarial child custody, pre-marital agreements, post-marital agreements, adoptions - children or adults, guardianships of children, and other out-of-court family law advisory and settlement services.

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